Nabteb 2013 / 2014 Registration/Timetable

According to Source from Nabteb website the Guides for Students planning to write Nabteb 2013 exam are as follow below
This entry guide is issued with other documents for the May/June Certificate
Examinations. It contains instructions for easy on-line registration.
Scratch cards for the above named examinations, are available for purchase at the
following selling points:
a. Entries that do not conform with the Board’s regulations will be rejected.
b. The Board will ensure that examinations take place as provided on the TimeTable at various centres. However, changes if any, will be communicated to
candidates through the mass media or through their centres. Candidates are
strongly advised to check for such vital information at their centres at least 3 days
before the commencement of the examinations.
c. The Board reserves the right to cancel or withhold the results of any candidate in
whole or in part for reasons connected with examination malpractices and
irregularities. The Board, its employees or agents shall be relieved from all
responsibilities, for any injury, delay, loss or damage however caused and of
whatever kind, arising/resulting directly or indirectly from any action, neglect or
default on their part while acting in the course of/or connection with the Board’s
d. The Board will reject the scripts of any candidate in any paper for which the
candidate has not been duly registered.
e. Only three (3) changes would be allowed for trade/subjects and date of birth.
However, no change will be allowed for Bio-data entries.
f. VISUALLY CHALLENGED CANDIDATES will also register on-line like sighted
candidates but must clearly state their disability.2
a. All candidates are required to supply their own pen, pencil, ink and ruler.
b. Drawing Materials: Candidates are required to provide their own drawing board,
Tee-square, metric scale ruler and other drawing instruments. They are also
allowed to use slide rules during the examination if the need arises.
c. The use of simple, non-programmable, noiseless and cordless calculator is
d. Candidates are not allowed to enter examination Hall with GSM Hand-set.
a. It is imperative for candidates to check the dates and the time of commencement of
their papers from relevant Time table.
All morning papers will commence at 9.00 a.m., and candidates are to arrive at their
examination centres at least HALF AN HOUR before the commencement of each
b. No candidate is allowed to leave the hall, unless on confirmed health ground, until 30
minutes to full time for a 3-hour paper or 10 minutes to full time for an objective paper.
Where a health problem is confirmed, the centre Supervisor is under instruction to
provide medical attention and ensure that the question paper and other worked
materials are not taken out of the examination hall. Similarly, no candidate is allowed
into an examination hall 30 minutes after the commencement of a paper.
6. All practical/oral tests will commence at 9.00 a.m. as indicated on the Time table.
Candidates must report at the centres where they are expected to write their
practical/oral examination at the scheduled time on the Time table.
7. Candidates are required to produce their Print-out Photo Card each time they report for
a paper.
8. Candidates are expected to control their behaviour while in the examination hall.
Candidates found guilty of disorderly behaviour in the examination hall will be expelled
from the centre.
9. All Candidates must write their names, centre numbers, candidates’ numbers and paper
codes, on Answer booklets, Objectives answer sheets, Graph Sheets, Drawing Sheets,
and Continuation Sheets etc in all their papers. Candidates are advised not to use
office pins to secure their work. Twine will be supplied by the Supervisor or invigilator
on request. Candidates should exercise great care in the use of furniture and
equipment during the examination. They are reminded that the cost of repairs or
replacement of any damaged property would be borne by those responsible for such
a. Act No. 33 of 1999: The attention of candidates is hereby drawn to the provisions
of Act No. 33 of 1999 which provides stiff penalties for examination malpractices.
Candidates are therefore warned to desist from actions that would breach the
provisions of the Act.
b. Candidates are not allowed to bring textbooks, scripts or plain sheets of paper
into the hall, except materials which they have been specifically told to bring for
the examination.
c. Candidates must not communicate with each other during the examinations.
Candidates wishing to ask questions should attract the attention of the
supervisor/invigilator by raising their hands.
d. The Board does not accept responsibility for the loss of books, bags, or other
property which candidates bring to the examination centre.
e. A candidate who disobeys any of these instructions may be asked to discontinue
his or her work, by the supervisor who is under instruction to report such
disobedience to the Board.
Candidates for practical examinations are required to provide their own tools.
Candidates are expected to exercise great care in the handling and the use of the
machines and tools provided by their centres. Cutting list for practical papers will be
sent to centres for the principals to make arrangement for the procurement of materials.
The cost of material(s) needed for each practical will be calculated by the Board and
sent to centres.
No results will be issued to candidates who sit for papers for which they have not been
registered. However, if you register for a paper and your name does not appear on the
Mark and Attendance Sheet, report to the Supervisor, who has been authorized to take
appropriate action. If you have been entered for the wrong paper(s) or your name is
mis-spelt you must let the Supervisor know immediately for correction. Multiple/double
Registration (registering for two or more trades at the same time) will be invalidated.
a. Up-date your colour passport photograph with a RED background and dimension
2cm x 1.5cm (not greater than 20kb).
b. Candidates should write their name and trade at the back of their passport to
avoid mix-up while login-in
Candidates must down load the photo card and bring same to the examination hall for
all the papers registered for.4
15. You are required to supply your personal information which includes: Full Name (not
more than 30 characters and in this order). “First Name then Middle Name and
Surname” e.g. “Muyiwa Mope Yakubu, Address, Date of Birth and Gender
information. Note that your full name must not be more than 22 characters.
16. NOTE: No candidate is allowed to enroll for NBC and NTC subjects together in the
same examination. Where this is done the entry will be rejected.
Multiple Entries: A candidate is expected to enroll for one trade only.
Multiple Entries: will be invalidated.
a. Physics and Chemistry are compulsory for all Technical candidates but are
optional for Business candidates.
b. Economics is compulsory for Business candidates but it is optional for Technical
c. Literature-in-English is optional for all Technical and Business candidates.
d. Biology is compulsory for Catering Craft candidates only. It is optional for
Business candidates. Other Technical candidates are not allowed to register for
a. All candidates are to write the General Education, Trade Related and Trade
Components listed against their trade in EA 25.
b. For all NTC candidates, English Language (001), Mathematics (002), Physics
(004) and Chemistry (005) are compulsory. Biology (006) is also compulsory for
candidates offering Catering Craft Practice (340), Ladies Garment Making (330),
Men’s Garment Making (320), Cosmetology (310), Fisheries (200) and Animal
Husbandry (180). All other candidates offering Technical trades cannot offer
Biology (006) and Economics (003). Literature-in-English (007) is optional for
Technical candidates.
c. Candidates for 210 are exempted from Introduction to Building Construction
(211). Candidates for Electrical Installation and Maintenance Work (040) and
Electronic Works (070) are exempted from Basic Electricity (194). Candidates
for Fabrication and Welding (050) and Mechanical Engineering Craft Practice
(060) are exempted from General Metal Work (191). Candidates for Carpentry
and Joinery (220), Furniture Making (230), and Machine Wood Work (240) are
exempted from General Wood Work (192).5
d. For all Business candidates, English Language (001), Mathematics (002) and
Economics (003) are compulsory while Physics (004), Chemistry (005), Biology
(006), Literature-in-English (007) and ICT – Information Communication
Technology (008) are optional.
e. Examination centres must not register candidates for trades for which their
centres were not approved. Colleges/Schools who do not adhere strictly to this
will have their entries invalidated in the affected subjects.
All candidates intending to sit for NBC/NTC must obtain a Registration Scratch Card at
the cost of N7,000.00 for General Education and Trade without Practical, Trade with
Practical is N7,500.00.
These are made up of examination fees , result checking, e-learning CD, Biometric
registration and one level shorthand attracts N 500.00. Late registration attracts
In all correspondences, the candidate must state:
a. His/her full name
b. Examination number/Year of Examination
c. Examination Centre
d. Trade name and code.
22. Schools are strongly advised to make use of recognized cybercafé for their entries.
i. Candidates are allowed to enroll for any number of subject they want to enter for, but
must be based on TRADE
ii. Biometric registration is compulsory for all candidates.
Registrar/Chief Executive

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