Yoruba Language Syllabus from WAEC

The aim of the West African Examination Council Gce (Private) syllabus in Use of Yoruba Language  is to prepare the candidates for the Board’s examination. It is designed to test their achievement of the course objectives. The Waec Gce is an official document or material that contains a detailed information and guide on the areas or topics you are expected to cover on a particular subject for your examination

This examination syllabus is based entirely on the Yoruba curriculum developed by NERDC in 2007.


The syllabus is designed to:

  • enable candidates speak, read and write competently in Yoruba and communicate effectively with other speakers of the language;
  • familiarize candidates with the sound system, grammatical structures and other features of Yoruba Language;
  • acquaint candidates with the necessary tools needed for a thorough appreciation of Yoruba speech usage, literature and ulture (customs and institutions).


The examination will consist of two papers, Papers 1 and 2. It will test the following aspects of Yoruba Language: comprehension, composition, sound system, grammar and translation. It will also test selected texts of oral and written literature as well as Basic Principles of Literary Appreciation, Customs and Institutions. The rubrics shall be written in Yoruba.

PAPER 1 shall contain 60 multiple-choice objective questions on Language, Literature and Culture. The paper shall have three sections, Section A, B and C. Candidates will be required to answer all the questions in 1 hour for 60 marks. The questions shall be distributed as follows:

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