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University Profile: University of Nigeria aimed to create a functional, globally competitive & research-focused University which is not just an Ivory Tower, but responsive to the needs of the society, while delivering World-class education and Knowledge. her mission is to place the University of Nigeria in the forefront of Research and development, Innovation, Knowledge Transfer and Human Resource Development in the global academic terrain, while promoting the core values which will ensure the restoration of the dignity of man.

Another emphatic step by the present administration to boost the international visibility of the UNN through collaborations with reputable foreign institutions was recorded recently in Paris, France. Between October 15th and 19th 2013, the Vice – Chancellor, Prof Bartho Okolo led a team on an extensive visit to and discussions with selected French Universities and prestigious “Grandes Ecoles”.
The visit was organized by CAMPUS FRANCE in collaboration with the Embassy of France in Nigeria.

Two Nigerian Universities were invited: one Federal and one Private. The objective was to explore areas of collaboration and partnership between the Nigerian universities and their French counterparts.
The visit was in two phases. During the first phase, which lasted two days, the Vice – Chancellor’s team visited some of the most reputable tertiary institutions in the Paris area.
Institutions visited included:

. ENSAM, Paris Tech
. University of Paris 4
. Institut d’ Administration des Entreprises {Institute of Business Administration}
. Institut d’Etudes Politiques, Paris 1.

Face to face discussions were held with faculties of these institutions in which the Vice – Chancellor presented the objectives of the visit and the expectations of UNN which included staff and student exchanges, joint workshops and conferences, shared curricula, joint grant applications and postgraduate admission requirements interface. The language problem was also discussed.
The second phase was full – day interactive session which was aptly designated as “Journée Nigéria du 18 Octobre, 2013”. Participants included the Nigerian Ambassador to France, His Excellency Akin Fayomi, who was represented, Mme Nelly Humbert of the French Ministry of External Affairs, Mr Patrick Perez of the French Embassy in Nigeria and Mr Antoine Grassin, Director General of CAMPUS FRANCE. Others were representatives of at least 22 French Universities and Grandes Ecoles from different parts of France who had been specially invited for the occasion.

The Vice – Chancellor and his team did a power point presentation of the UNN, its facilities, its areas of achievements and expectations. Speeches and discussions were wide-ranging and the need to fast – track collaborative and partnership relationships between the two countries at the tertiary education level was stressed by all the speakers. The UNN team was able to interact one-to-one with representatives of those institutions we had not met before then.

The day ended with a resolution by all parties that contacts initiated in the visit would be keenly nurtured and followed up while the French ministry of External Affairs, CAMPUS FRANCE and the Embassy of France in Nigeria pledged to support the collaborative efforts. The VC of UNN seized the opportunity to invite a good number of the French institutions to UNN. The expected outcome of the visit will therefore be the reciprocal visits of these French institutions to the UNN within the next 3 months, to be followed by appropriate MOU.

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The Vice – Chancellor was accompanied on the visit by Prof E. P Modum and Dr. {Mrs} Nkiruka Okezie of the Dept of FLLS.



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