University of Benin 2015 Admission list is out

This is to inform all prospective candidates that the 2014/2015 university of Benin admission checking portal have been enabled. The university lunched the system this weekend for all those that applied her 2014 admission intake.

Checking is free of charge provided you still have your account login details. All Prospective students offered admission are to login into UNIBEN Portal by clicking here

using their new “Username” and “Password” to print their Admission Letters.

NOTE: Candidates are advised to disregard any information on Clearance until it has been officially confirmed.

Notice: All student ids now start with ‘B’. If your data have been migrated from the old portal just put ‘B’ in front of your old id. Your password has not changed.

Example: A123456 becomes BA123456 The following ids are also increased by one: A660679, A713978, A918093, B108215, B581313, B813281, C562575, C822243, D175969, E404483, E702275, E800008, F188239, F805950, F870881, F972478, H388222, H494715, H872022, H928836, K259461, K707682, K905447, K966006, 

Example: A660679 becomes BA660680

You don’t have an account because you are a fresh student, or your student record has just been created? Inititialize your student account here. Or simply forgot your student id, application id or password? Then request a new password here.

All the best..

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