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Hello buddies, I was shocked yesterday after navigating through the new Rocket broswer of our time , I am not talking to any other mobile browser rather than Uc Browser.  i am also not trying to make you un-install your current mobile browser but than I would like you to check out and feel the difference .

In the world of marketing, some times top products do not need marketing but since marketing is part of business , Any venture will have no other option then to tap into it.

Today MyeduNigeria Tech Team will be reviewing Uc broswer to all those who wish to browse and surf the internet in a new style talking about the user experience of the browser and other features.

Top Mobile Operating System that support Uc Browser






 Why you need Uc Browser

i am are going to list some few features of the browser but to get all the full features info we advice you to download uc browser and Install the app.

Sometimes our network provider might be the main reason why our browser sometimes slow down but the browser its,self. Now if you want to bypass any website faster than before , download uc browser right away.

Main Features:

Speed Mode

Night Mode

Download Manager/File Manager

Theme Changer

Social Media bookmarking

Game world

Uc broswer Night Mode
Uc broswer Night Mode

Speed Mode:

This feature allows you to control how fast you want the browser to be when surfing the internet, I must say that this is the main feature that got me high and made me to uninstall one of my mobile browser(Name Not Mention, lol)

Night Mode: Yes , you can as well change the browser mode in the night by clicking the setting button and select NIGHT.

Download Manager: When it comes to downloadin your favourites games, Musics, video and even Youtube videos, UC browser will take care of it for you. The downloading speed is sometime you must check by yourself and confirm.

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Theme Changer: Just like the way you change your Facebook profile , you can as well change your browser theme with some default theme or even with a Custom Mode changer where you can easily add your personally picture or your GF , lol.

Social Media Bookmarking: Handle all your social network just by authenticating with Uc browser social Tab . You will get instance updates from any of them you added.

Game world:  Finally, for all game lovers, you can easily download your favourites games and manage them on the browser.

Now, to Enjoy and feel the power of this rocket browser kindly visit the link below to

Download uc browser Here

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