Top JAMB Alternatives to Gain Admission in Nigeria

Greetings to you all, Myedunigeria is using this medium to bring to you all Top Alternatives to Gain Admission without JAMB in Nigeria. We all know how JAMB can be frustrating sometimes, and this has been a problem for years now driving Nigeria students crazy as thousands of JAMB candidates pile up every year as a result of not making it which then now lead them to wait another whole year in waiting for another opportunity to register and sit for another that they are not sure of passing.

Many of the students when asked say “we really prepare well for all this JAMB examination that we have been writing but we believe that the negative marking system JAMB works with is what brings us down”

Don’t ask me what I believe in, you all know what the answer is because naturally I don’t believe in failure all I believe that “you can archive things/pass all exams if you work hard” maybe some might have been experiencing difficulties in passing JAMB, but just know if you believe you can pass it you can pass it

So if you’re among those that have been frustrated by JAMB then I believe this post is specially made for you, to bring an END to that frustration.

We all know how JAMB goes in Nigeria, looking for admission, starting from purchasing of the scratch card, filling the form, writing the examination, passing the exam, writing the post UTME and gaining admission or not can really be frustrating

We what Nigerian students don’t know is that there are other alternatives to gaining admission other than JAMB

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Below we shall be listing the top alternatives which we have long been talking about on this post, and we hope it shall be of help to those that was unfortunate to pass their JAMB

The top alternative include

University admission through IJAMB

First of all I know you will be wondering IJAMB? Asking yourself the questions like is that not still the same thing as JAMB? But am so sorry to disappoint you dear because IJAMB is not JAMB

IJAMB is an A level programme which will guarantee you admission into university without through JAMB procedures,  on completion of the programme you get admission to go over to 200 level of any course you are interested in.

So for all those complaining of negative marking I hope this will be bringing a stop to that issue

University Admission through Preliminary/ Basic studies

Many institute of high learning in Nigeria offer a one year Preliminary or Basic studies for candidates working (part time) are being admitted for a full degree programme.

Other Universities offer a two year programme which allows graduate of the diploma programme to apply for a degree programme

University Admission through NABTEB A-LEVEL

By passing through NABTEB A-Level programme, you can graduate as a technician and it can afford you the opportunity to secure position in different technical areas

In situation were by you wish to further your education NABTEB A-Level is listed as part of Direct-entry qualification by JAMB for students preparing to start their higher education from 200level due to their precise education background and grade

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