Here are a few motivational tips for low academic achievers

Check our previous Edu tips about academic stress , kindly View it here and meanwhile It is true that some people are born with sky high IQs while others are average or low. However, I do not believe that one just magically knows everything without studying and hard work. Remember the story of Ben Carson.

The story of how a dumb black kid became one of the most intelligent doctors on earth. There are no magic spells and formulas to success. One must work hard to improve academic productivity.

Here are a few motivational tips for low academic achievers


It has been discovered that students who are low achievers in school usually lack ambition. There is nothing to keep their minds focused to necessitate hard work. What is life without ambition? There must be something calling out to you, through your talents and interests. Let achieving this goal be a motivational factor to push you to study.


This is another attribute of low academic achievers. The ‘I do not care’ attitude. Because you do not care, you will not bother putting any effort into school and the result is low academic performance.


Most students who perform poorly in academics believe they cannot do better. As a man thinks, so he becomes. If you think it, you will be it. Keep an open positive mind, never say ‘I cannot’ again, do you remember Ben Carson?

There are also students who want to perform well in their studies but all their efforts usually come to naught. The question here is this; are you working hard and smart?.

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They are different methods of studying for everyone, what works for Mr. A might be disastrous for Mr. B. You could sit and study for 10hours and the one who studies for 2 hours will do better than you will. It does not mean he is more intelligent, it just means he has discovers what works for him and is using it to succeed. Find yours, and work with it.

Tutorials help but too much of it makes no impact in your academic work. You will end up stressed, without time to rest and still perform badly.

Choose the subjects in which you need tutorials. Find a study method that works for you, you will see a change in your academic productivity.

Please read How to cope with academic stress in College and ‘Gifted hands’ by Dr. Ben Carson if you have not read it). It is a very motivating book.

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