How to Make First Class Degree in any Nigerian University

The essence of furthering our education into higher institution level is to acquire more knowledge and to be ahead of an average or no learned individual.

When we are offered admission into higher institution, the first thing that comes to our mind is “being the best”, but often times we discover that most people fail to realize that because their thought weren’t acted upon.
Although it is through that the method of assuming academic success is not applicable to everybody, however, there are specific steps to follow in other to guarantee academic success during your stay in the university notwithstanding the department or course you are into.

Below are 8 steps on how to make First Class that can be of great help.

1: Be Determined:

Determination is the quality of being determined or firmness of a purpose. Although there are different reason while people enroll into tertiary institution, but be it as it may those different reason are all pointing towards one direction that is “succeeding in a career”, as a student you have to be self determined to excel in the pursuit of academic excellence.

2: Attend Classes:

One of the most important point of attaining academic excellence is attending classes. Attending classes will not only discipline you but will also keep your focus on the pursuit of your academic success.

When one is physical present in a lecture, there will be a proper understanding of the topic being treated, and also if you are the type that learn more through listening you need to attend classes, it will go a long way to help you pass your courses.

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Attending class will also provide you with information about assignments, test, quizzes and exams straight from your lecturer’s mouth. So I advise that students should always attend class.

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3: Source for Materials:

As a student you are to source for materials for your courses, This material guides you in the courses offered. Material such as hand books, past question papers, e-books e.t.c are suppose to be sourced for on-time, to enable the student to read it on-time, solve questions and ask for help from the lecturer or from other student if need arises.

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4: Be Friend with Like Minds:

There is this adage that says; Show me your friend, and I will tell you who you are and what will become of you. In high institutions, the people you spend most of your time with contribute greatly to your academic performance. Accumulating much friends that would not contribute positively to your academics is of no use, rather be interested in friends that share same vision with you.

Often times, school might be so demanding that you feel like given up, but like minded fiends are always there to remind you of your thought towards positive academic excellence. In conclusion to this point, I would say that two good head is better than bunch of naughty ones.

5: Setup Discussion Class:

The word “discuss” simply means talking or writing down your view or idea of a particular topic or point raised. Whereas discussion involves sharing views and ideas among people or between two person.
Settings up a discussion class has to do with bringing together two or more people to form a group, whose aim is to share idea and thought base on their subject matter.

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This should ensue between people who have same objectives i.e they are from same class (Course mate). This enable them gain knowledge from one another and also clear some doubt of what they never understood when being taught in class.
In making this group, it is important to look for those who have intense knowledge, so you can gain from them as well as they gain from you.

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And it requires proper preparation before the discussion class, in order not to make it look as though you are unserious and you have nothing to contribute. Remember proper preparation prevent poor performance. The more you learn you get wider knowledge.

6: Spend Money and Time Wisely:

Most people spend their time and resources for things that are irrelevant. Invest in your academics by buying books and reading them, paying for tutorials and attending them, this point is mostly for freshers(new students). If you know there are some courses you are finding difficult look for tutorials that handle those courses and enroll.

it is quite hard to know the brilliant once in first years because everyone is trying to organize himself/herself, so finding a classmate that might likely to put you through in courses you do not really understand will be taxing, so the best thing to do as a fresher is either to have a friend from a class above yours that can give you ideas on how to go about it and Putting your ears on ground concerning organized tutorials from experts will also go a long way in helping you.

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7: Feed Well:

I know this point may sound funny, but it should be given a proper consideration. when you feed well you read more and understand much. Is as simple as that.

8: Be Devoted to God:

what more can I say; if not to fear God and keeps his commandments. The fact that you are chasing a first class CGP shouldn’t make you to think less of God. Statistic has shown that the people with the highest academic excellence are those that are devoted to God.
Success as you put them into practice.

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11 thoughts on “How to Make First Class Degree in any Nigerian University

  1. the instructions are quite binding, am a first year student of English and literary studies, Alvan Ikoku Fed Uni of Edu, and my dream is first class and my goal is the best student, I know i ‘ll make it bcos i can do all things thru Christ who strenthens me. Meanwhile thanks to who ever posted the wonderful piece of inspirational clues

  2. what more can a student do to achieve academic sucess than to follow the set rules which has been laid down.

  3. there are different formulae to make a first class, except involving God, what you put up here isn’t entirely a good approach. You surely didn’t carry everyone along, you were one sided and your steps make not work for many students

  4. I can now understand that the best way to make a first class in the uni is by intensive reading on ones field of study nd giving it a full concentration…thanks


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