Difference between studying and studying effectively

There is a big difference between studying and studying effectively. Lets say, two friends prepared for a Quiz test, one studied for ten hours, and the other studied for two hours. The one who studied for just two hours excelled in the test, while the one who studied for ten hours barely passed the test. What happened? , The answer  for that question is what we are about to tackle here and the simple truth is that one of them studied while the other student studied effectively.

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There are certain things you need to know to help you study effectively.

Time Management, knowing how to manage your time while studying is very important. When is the best time for you to study? After school, before you go to bed, during the wee hours of the morning. When your mind is least cluttered? This is the best time for you to study.

How to study; it is difficult for me to read and just understand, I have to write down as I read. What works for you? You have to discover what works for you to make you understand easily. While studying, it helps to use notes taken down during classes, use class notes, and compare with other sources, this aids understanding.

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Study for short periods; it is always a good idea to study for short periods at a stretch. Take a break; eat snacks, before going back to study. The brain gets wary when you stretch it for too long, after a while you stop understanding, you will just be looking at the book and retaining nothing.

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Start studying on time; do not wait until examination timetable is staring at you before you start studying. This pattern gives poor results, because you will end up cramming for only the exams after which you will not recall anything you have learnt through out the term. Study everyday, even if it is for only an hour.

Be organized; cluttering your desk when studying causes distractions. Organize your desk when you want to study. Be sure of what you want to study, bring out only books and texts for the subject(s) you want to study.

Always Be positive. The mind is very powerful. If you keep telling yourself you cannot do something, you will not be able to do. While it is true that some people are born with high IQ, some actually just work hard to get to where they are. If you are not a genius, study hard, train your brain and you will get positive results in your studies.

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