Best top 4 steps in developing a good reading habit

Habit they say are something that a person do often. Habit is an integral part of every man, it define every person and determine the extent of the achievement. They say a habit once formed takes mastery over us, in other word it become part of our life.

You will agree with me that reading is one habit that every student do not find interesting. The student will rather prefer to engage themselves in activity they think that will interest them. This is because they see reading to be very boring.

It is very clear that every show every average student prefer to play than to study which Is rather unfortunate. Research has show that student who have develop the habit to read excel better than in their academy performance than those that do not have the time to read.

Base on the above research you will find out that the main word there is “habit”. Habit once formed is very difficult to break. Let us take for example, a student that has developed the habit to read at night. If this student continue in this line  you will find out that when the student find itself in a situation  that he or she will have to read at day the student will doze off.  It will look like the student is learning how to read again.

For you to perfect a good reading habit what one need are patience, hard work, and self discipline to achieve success. For me I do not think anyone is born with the gift of reading rather they get it through self discipline. Now reading in this case is not only restricted to only your school books only but also include any other material that come your way be it journals, novel, ld news papers, bible and so on.


Now let us examine the basis step that one need in developing a good reading habit in life.

Step 1: Start With What You Have

Now this is one area I will like to throw more emphasis on. Most time student often makes this excuse and I guess most of you are familiar with I do not have text books. Ok how many of you fall in this category for me I was once in this category until I realize this base step.

You do not need to have all the text book in the world before you can start reading, start with what you have. For example you regular class note is good for a start. All you need do is to keep your note as updated as possible with the good information that will help you. A well formed notebook is as good as a textbook itself. Another area that will help in this step is you try to make friends with you fellow student that have the require textbook and if the friends is ok you will should be able to borrow textbooks from them. Believe me I do this often and it seem to work for me.

Step 2: Design a Good Reading Time Table

As a student you should try as much as you can to develop ia good reading time table. With the time table you will be able to study well as well as have time to schedule your activity. Design your  time table in a way that you will be able to read two hour a day and you can later increase you paste.

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You can leave weekend in your timetable for other school activities like going to church, playing game and also visiting friends.

As a student you need to stickly adheres to your time table. Try to avoid things like visit from friends and any other activity that will distract you from reading.

Now must student design their timetable in a way that is come before their house/domestic works? If you fall in this area then you need to design it in a way that you will have to do all you house/domestic work first, before you start reading.

Note that the main purpose of you time table is to guild you in your study.

Step 3: Action/Implementation

Now that you have design your time table which is good for a start. The next thing for you now is to follow it up, because failure to do so is simply a waste effort. They may reason why you prepare you time table in the first place is for you use it as a guild right. Then let it guild you. Sometime you may be hook up with event or other activity. Try as much as possible to follow you time table.

In this step two important factory distract one from reading.

  1. Friend: friends may come to visit you doing your time of studies. They may try to take you always for your book try as much as possible to make them understand that it is your reading time.
  2. Sleep: this is father of them all, this come as a result of when you are reading studying after doing hard jobs or is come naturally. Try as much as possible to take a nab in the afternoon.  This will help you to stay awake during the night.
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Step 4: Workload

Have you ever find yourself in this situation that you will love to read and you seem not to have the time to? If yes then this is as a result of the amount of work load you doing. To help save you from this, try as much as possible to discover the scope of your study.

If you are able to do this, then divide it into small group base on the number of weeks/months you have before exams.

Another method is for you to do your assignment well. Try also to read you notebook immediately after ever lecture. This will give you an insight of what the course is all about.

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  1. plz I want more highlight to be thrown on the issue of supplementary list; because I scored 178 in Jamb and was heading for FUTO, can I still enroll for the supplementary list or something?

    1. Try continuous reading, and don’t cram what you have read, read and understand then put them in your own words it will be easier for you.

  2. Thank For The Enlightenment And Orientation, What About An Individual Who Keeps To These Rules, But Finds It Hard To Retain What Ever He/she Read.

  3. may God bless u knowledge’ based on what u say about developing a good reading habit’ what about someone to reads costantly without understanding’

    1. Hello there you were asking what is the cut off mark of Akwa Ibom university.The said university which is a state university is 180. Hope this help

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