Educational effects of Television- How it affect our studies.

student viewerThe word TELEVISION is a common term that we all use and has become a household item that every house use. There is hardly no house you come across that do not have atleast a television set.
In this article we will be looking at the student and television, How it affect our studies.We will be looking at the positive and negative side of  it.

As you Television is one of our major source of information, and it is also educative through its educational programmes that are shown on it.  Although in spite of this advantages, there are also many disadvantages too when you view or spend so much time watching television programmes .

Research show that children including bright ones that spend a long time watching television are likely to obtain a university degree or other qualification in their mid  twenties. While too student that view television atleast an hour or two get more qualification in their mid twenties.

The table below will show the effect of television on the educational performance of a student who spend a great deal of time watching television.

It also show the average time spend watching television daily and the level of qualification achievement.

Time spend daily in watching Television Qualification Obtained at twenties

2.80 Hours

Left school without a qualification

2.60 Hours

School Certificate

2.50 Hours

Post-school qualification

1.90 Hours

University Degree

OK i know what you are thinking now, what about those that do not watch Television at all,but they still do not have any qualification? The answer to that question is easy may be they may not have the same opportunity that you are having now. Some may not have been able to visit the school gate once for one reason or the other.

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Back to the topic at hand, watching television can be a great distraction in the life of a student. Some of the consequence of watching television are shortlist below:

  • Student become addicted to watching television programmes while they are suppose to be reading their books.
  • Student neglecting their studies which could affect their performance.
  • Declining in the grades of student.
  • Poor reading habit.
  • Laziness.

All these are some of the ways that television affect a student life. Many of us, yea many of us find it hard ti limit the amount of time that we use watching television. If you find yourself in this position, there by neglecting your studies in other for you to watch Television. Here are some few tips that can help you too and it has also work for me too .

  • Set out time for yourself: this is one area that many student fail, they just watch television and just forget the time. As a student always set our time for yourself to watch television programmes.
  • Choose the right programmes to watch: As you know not all programmes that are shown on television are important like advert and some other programmes that are not important to watch. Television programmes like News, Sport, History and so much more can be of great benefit to the life of a student.
  • Draw out a study time table for yourself. You can click here to read on how you can draw our a time table.
  • Always try to adhere to your reading schedule.

If you find it hard sticking your timetable, my advise is that you consult either your teacher,a friend that how to stick to is timetable.

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