System Requirements Specification for an Online Banking

This User and System Requirements Specification for an Online Banking System are those requirements needed for a full functional online banking system also known as an internet Banking System which will be used  by the User (Customer) and the owner of the system(Banks, e.g Gtbank Nigeria).

Paper Title: User and System Requirements Specification for the Online Banking System

Published Date: 15th December 2014.

  • Purpose

This requirements specification will be a document prototype for the user to know how the system function and all the features of the online system for an easy banking experience.

  • Definitions and Abbreviations
  • User___________________Customer
  • Obs___________________Online Banking System
  • Owner___________________ Bank ( System Owner)
  • API___________________ Application programming interface
  • HTML___________________ HyperText Mark_up Language
  • FrontEnd___________________ Front end are those features user interact with on the Obs
  • Backend___________________ Backend technology are tools primarily needed for the execution of the system functions.
  • Mysql___________________ Database web application.
  • Php___________________ Object oriented language for server side.
  • Acknowledgment

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  • Report Overview

This report is divided into section based on the sub-topics on the user and system requirements for the Online Banking system. Which includes the main features or rather functions for the user, the system functions and the general functions for the OBS. this report present in details the full specification for the user and that of system functions.

  1. User Requirements specification


  • Account Creation
  • Updating of Account information
  • Account Number for the Obs
  • Password
  • Change Password
  • Login Page
  • User authentication gateway
  • Check Balance
  • Check Cheque status
  • Transfer Fund
  • Pay Bills
  • Online Exchange
    • Account Creation

This will enable the user to fill and create an account either by filling an online form or downloading an online document form. Every account must have a unique id for security purpose.

  • Account Type
  • Saving Account
  • Current Account
  • Business Account
  • Student Account
    • Saving Account

This type of account will only allow the user to save money without an interest and there will be some limitations.

  • Current Account

This type of account will allow the user to save fund, perform some high level task than the saving account type.

  • Business Account

Strictly for business, Companies, The major difference is the transfer limitation.

  • Student Account

This account type is for students with little or No charges for his or her account.

  • Updating of Account information

After creating a user account, the user should be able to modify his or her account by clicking on the     update button on the OBS. Updating user account includes changing address, phone number, or profile image for the Account.

  • Account Number for the Obs

After a successful verification of an account from the User submitted form. A personal Account number should be giving to the User for an access into the system. This must be use in place of normal website username login.

  • Password

User must be giving an option to create an encrypted password into his or her account which must be Personal identification number (PIN).

  • Change of Password

In case of any account compromise, User must be able to login into the Obs and change the account Pin.

  • Login Page

This is the user authentication page, this will contain a login form which will check user account correctness from the backend (PHP) before displaying inner OBS function for the user, if the password authentication failed, the system will ask if the user would like to change his or her account password by providing a front end Change Password Link:

  • Front End Change Password

This function will only show up if the user accidently entered wrong password for a programmed consecutive duration

  • User authentication gateway

Apart from the password authentication, User should be provided with a Secret Question authentication for security reason.

Example of such verification

What is your childhood nickname?

You’re Date of birth and place?

  • Check Balance

This feature will enable the user to check his or her account balance.

  • Check Cheque status

This will allow the user to check his or her cheque online for clearance.

2.10 Transfer Fund

The ability of the user to transfer fund from one account to another conveniently without visiting the offline bank branch.
2.11 Pay Bills

Quick way of paying home bills, state bill and utility bills online without visiting vendor offices. This will save user’s time.

    2.12 Online Exchange

This feature allows the user to perform online exchange like, Changing Turkish lira to Naira, Dollar to Naira with the accurate Market sells. Third Parties charges might be added in some cases.

3: System Requirements Specification


3.1 Backend Technology

Backend technology are tools primary needed for the execution of the system functions. Backend is the engine which control how the frontend works, Compilation, processing are all done at the backend.

in term of the Online banking system, the backend take care of the User account creation , balance calculation and the ability to deduct fund after a user withdraw from his or her account.

3.1.1 Object oriented Programming Language ( Java, C++, PHP)

Since, Our online banking system are real objects, Object oriented language like php, java will be the primary language style for the system which will allow developer to build classes for each component and it method of states.

3.1.2 Datebase Management ( Mysql , Oracle D.B)

We need to store user transaction history, Store other information about the user, database management like MySQL should be use for the user information storage for easy retrieval since those database system are built using the technology of structural query language.

3.1.3 Web Server (Apache)

Web server to host all the static files and codes, including the user database.

3.2 Front-End Technology

Front end  are those features user interact with, Which includes website, logo, designs, and forms, all these are built using Hypertext mark-up language 5.

3.2.1 Html5

HTML stands for Hypertext mark-up language, while the 5 is the version of the mark-up language released last 20s, HTML is not a programming language but for the sake of readability and user friendly online system, all pages must be divided into section for easy navigation.

3.2.2 JavaScript

JavaScript’s takes care of users actions, like Button click on the system, user notification functions and browser responds.

3.2.3 Api

API stands for, Application programming interface, for security purpose, third parties application integration might be needed  to maintain high level of security,

3.3 Others:

Some other system requirements are those of user account auto task and Head Admin (Bank Manager) Task.

3.3.1 User Account Class

This will handle the function of user account handling, creating, closing user account, adding, maintaining the system.

      3.3.2 Approve

This will enable the system to approve user account, Only Administrator will be giving access to perform this task of approving user banking account.

        3.3.3 Withdraw

Perform the calculation after user withdraw fund from his or her account, For example        


Current Balance = #20,000

Withdraw = #15,000

Balance =# 5000

3.3.4 Transfer

Perform the task for transferring fund from one user account to another.  

3.4 Authentication Checker

Checking the user login input before logging into the account dashboard.

4 Maintenance and Upgrading

Building an online banking system will only be marked completed after a proper maintenance majors and procedures. As technology advance, User features will also be in a great demand for more scalable features, adding system maintenance will help to keep the system in good advance shape.

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