Cheap: Data Bundle Plans Airtel Nigeria subscription Codes

Good morning buddies, Today we gonna share with your all date bundle plans for Airtel Nigeria subscription codes for browsing, As a student, for your online research, Our aim is to help you get the best from Airtel.

Disclaimer: Note the below subscription codes are NOT Free BROWSING Codes.Kindly check the list below and subscribe , Right now, Airtel Internet browsing is really fast and affordable.

Airtel Surf Internet Plan (500MB, 30 day,24/7) – *141*11*6# – N2,000
Airtel Easy Internet Plan (80MB, 14 day,24/7) – *141*11*3# – N500
Airtel Day Internet Plan (150MB, 24 hours) – *141*12*1# – N500
Airtel Plus Internet Plan (3GB, 30 day,24/7) – *141*12*2# – N5,000
Airtel Max Internet Plan (5GB, 30 day,24/7) – *141*12*3# – N8,000
Airtel Premium Internet Plan (10GB, 30 day,24/7) – *141*12*4# – N15,000
Airtel Night Internet Bundle (3GB, 30 day) – *141*12*6# – N2,500
Airtel Weekend Internet Bundle (3GB, weekends) – *141*12*5# – N3,000
Check your data balance – *141*712*0#
Airtel USB modem  – N6,500 Naira
Airtel Smartphone/Tablet Internet Plan (1GB, 30 day,24/7) – *141*11*7# – N3,000
Airtel Weekly Internet Plan (25MB, 7 day,24/7) – *141*11*2# – N400
Airtel Daily Internet Plan (10MB, 24 hours) – *141*11*1# – N100
Airtel Lite Internet Plan (200MB, 30 day,24/7) – *141*11*4# – N1,000
Airtel Midi Internet Plan (250MB, 30 day,24/7) – *141*11*5# – N1,300

To subscribe for a data bundle plan via USSD, dial the associated string e.g. *141*11*4# to activate the Lite plan.
To subscribe for a data bundle plan vis SMS, send the associated SMS keyword to 141, e.g. lite to 141.
To subscribe for a data bundle plan via MAMO, dial the associated string, e.g. 14150 to activate.

NOTE: All Postpaid plans can be activated by contacting an Airtel staff (called a KAM) or by walking into any Airtel retail shop for directions on the associated modalities.
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