Not Postponed : 2015 Nysc Batch ‘A’ Orientation Course

For those that have been asking about the possibility of the 2015 NYSC Batch ‘A’ Orientation Course , The management today published on her portal about the issue saying that the attention of Management has been drawn to questions being asked over the possibility of having the 2015 Batch ‘A’ Orientation Course earlier than May 2015 as a result of the shift in the Election .

Time-table Management wishes to state that the orientation will still take place in May 2015 because the activities that are supposed to take place before the orientation course, (e.g., Submission of Senate approved list and online registration by prospective corps members) are yet to commence.

While It will take all Corps Producing Institutions one week to upload the Senate/Academic Board list, it will also take prospective corps members (both locally and foreign-trained) four (4) weeks to register online.

Apart from these, there are other administrative duties connected to the mobilisation process which we have to undertake before the orientation

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