Must Read! ASUU is wicked a students opinion

The Academic Staff Union of Universities called ASUU for short, a selfish body that is known for going on strike when ever their demands are not met by the Government, why did I use the word selfish? But what else do you call a group of teachers that abandon their students, children and friends at home because of money! or is this not about money? If not then what is this all about?

For the past few years in this lovely country Nigeria, whenever you hear; Boko haram you think Bomb, you hear Prophesy you think synagogue, you hear 2015 you think President Jonathan, you hear ASUU you think Strike.

ASUU has become so popular online because of strike which occur almost every year in this country and then we ask whose fault? Federal Government of course! and then who is left to suffer? The students! Who have absolutely nothing to do with the case.


Am a student and ASUU has dealt with me several times and am sure any Nigerian student will say the same thing, I have seen like 3 strikes since I got into the university all this strikes destroy the school’s academic calendar once the lecturers return from strike they get confused because they won’t remember where they left off before they went on vacation, lol yes I call it a vacation because they still get paid while on strike and even after the strike , when they come back confused from vacation they force us the students to start exams immediately so as to meet up with the school’s Academic calendar.

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These lecturers will never consider the students who just came back from a long vac. just like hem instead they throw tests and exam to them to write like they caused the strike and then I ask is that fair??  Why the hate? What have we done?

In Ebonyi State University students (University Students) were forced to write their exams under one week I repeat one week! Exams where written on Saturday and Sunday do you know why? Because the lecturers wanted to join ASUU strike ASAP how wicked, and then you wonder what the results will look like, sometimes I conclude that lecturers love to see students fail if not then lets know what you think if your a lecturer tell us.

The Government can afford to relax and look away as this strike is heading to next year because 85% of those in the Government don’t enroll their kids in the Federal or State University is either they are studying outside the country or they are in the best Private University in the country.

What of the Striking lecturers is this same with them? Who is losing?

This should not be about the money it should be about Education because it’s the only way  out of the mess we are in.




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