Maths Questions causing Problem on MyeduNigeria Facebook Page

Yes, Great Nigeria Students, We won,t just keep silent over what is currently going on right now on MyeduNigeria facebook fanpage. Yesterday evening We asked two questions on our fanpage.

Possibly the first students that got any of these question right will be announced later. But first let solve the problem, Later in  the day, We will publish the right Answer for the two questions .

The first question was:

When I was 4 years, my brother was half my age. Now I am 100, how old is he? comment your answers!

maths 2

2nd Question:


Click here to Answer the Math question:

Now, from the look of things, we have gotten a lots of comments with different s solutions, the question now is ,


To  Answer the, Question Join your fellow students on MyeduNigeria Facebook page .

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