List of Universities in Benin Republic

Today we decided to write the List of Universities in Benin Republic for those who can no longer wait for ASUU and the Federal Government in Nigeria.

If you’re a Nigerian student studying in either a federal or state University in the country, am guessing you’re at home due to the now 100 days ASUU strike that even the Union itself cannot tell when the strike will be called off same goes with the negotiating side Federal government of Nigeria.

We have decided to provide Nigerian students with alternatives for those that cannot wait for this never ending strike! The education system in neighboring countries like Benin and Ghana  are stable, trusted and also affordable, getting admitted is quite easy and less stressful.

Below are the list of some Universities you will see in Nigerian’s neighboring country Benin Republic.

List of Universities in Benin Republic

Elearning Center for Programming

Centre Africain des Hautes Etudes

École Professionnelle Specialisee-La Cite Universite

École du Patrimoine Africain

DSE University of Science and Technology, Parakou.

Faculté des Sciences Agronomiques

Institut supérieur Fopase de Cotonou

Institut de Mathématiques et de Sciences Physiques de Porto Novo

Université des Sciences et Technologies du Bénin

Université Africaine de Technologie et de Management

Mahammat and Akande University of Foolish Ideas (Negativity School)

Université de Parakou Faculté d’Agronomie

Universite des Sciences Appliquée et Management

Ecole des Techniciens Supérieurs du Bénin (ECO.TE.S-BENIN)

Institut Régional du Génie Industriel, des Biotechnologies et Sciences Appliquées (IRGIB-Africa)

LES COURS SONOU University (LCS University)

St. Louis African University – Republic of Benin.(slaub)

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A website listed the six below as the 6 top List of Universities in Benin Republic

1. Universite Catholique de l’Afrique de i’Quest

2. Universite d’Abomey-Calavi

3. Universite de parakou

4. Universite des sciences Appliquee et management

5. Universite Polytechnique Internationale du Benin

6. Universite Africaine de technologie et de Management

We will provide with inside details and general requirements of some of the universities list above in future post.

Don’t wait for ASUU and FG get busy! Best of Luck!

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  2. Good day and well done.pls I want to do my masters in Benin republic to be. precise Cotonou, pls which university offers an M A in English language,and is the university accepted in Nigeria.Thank you

  3. Your Comment Here…Sir, kindly send me the list of accredited University in Benin Republic.

  4. I want to confirm if UNIVERSITY OF USAM in Porto-novo is an accredited university in BENIN REPUBLIC.

  5. Please, I will like to know the accreditation status of edexcel university, Benin republic, is it the institution fully recognized in Nigeria?

  6. Your Comment Here…pls I am a diploma holder , looking for addmission , so is there any skul that can consider my diploma ?

  7. I need top up nursing program, am RN /rm in Nigeria, need accredited university in Benin recognized in Nigeria and duration of the program if possible fees.answer need for action pls thanks

  8. Are both Ecole Supérieure de Commerce et d’Administration des Entreprises du Bénin
    (ESCAE-Bénin and Ecole de Techniciens Supérieurs du Bénin LA GRACE (ECOTES-BENIN)accredited universities to run Masters Programs?

    Please i need your responses guys ASAP

  9. Your Comment Here…pls is there any school in Cotonou that has microbiology course and I only have the neco result pls is there any hope

  10. Your Comment Here… Please is st loius university benin republic accredited? Please i need your replies fast

  11. Is Esep_Le Berger University recognized by the nuc for my nursing program if no….give me a detailed information about any good school in Benin or contonue for my nursing program

  12. Pls I want to confirm if Evoke superieure Dr management,ESM BENIN UNIVERSITY is a recognise university on BENIN Republic and in Nigeria.thanks

  13. Your Comment Here…i want to know which month does irgib africa admit student dis year …..and is irgib africa acredited …

  14. Your Comment Here…i want to know which month does irgib africa admit student dis year …..and is irgib africa acredited …

  15. Your Comment Here…please do dey have electrical electronics engineering in any of the university’s in benin republic

  16. can one combine internal and external waec to gain addmission into any approved school in benin to study nursing? and i want to know when the addmission is commencing

  17. Please is Esep_Le Berger University recognized and accredited for nursing… If No please tell me a well recognized and accredited University I can do my nursing program

  18. Your Comment Here…How much is the school fees for University of Aboney Calavi and is there accounting or business administration? Is the admission still on?

  19. Your Comment Here…pls how much is ESP LA Citi University skul fees???nd I want to knw abt d skul…particularly nursing department.

  20. Your Comment Here…pls just want tu knw maybe dey ar teaching dem with english and nid tu knw abot dir fees.

  21. Pls, I want info about the British American University in Porto-Novo, Benin. Is it really a university and how is their educational system? Thanks

  22. If you want study in Benin republic call me on plus two two nine nine eight five seven nine seven ..

  23. kindly forward suitable and well recognise university in cotounu with there reqiurment ti my email box.

  24. Pls I need admission into LCS do they study international relations and how much is the SCH fee range here is my no pls contact me on WhatsApp

  25. Please, I want to know about the POMA International Business University situated at Mokakad Building Ifonyi, Igolo, Republic of Benin accredited by Benin Government?.

  26. Please am in Poma int business university ifangni republic of Benin, and is not in this list, is it recognize in Nigeria. Am studying nursing

  27. Contact me if you want to study in Benin Republic I help with giving accommodation and taking the student around the University of there choice +22998516919 .

  28. Can u pls tell me if Espam formation university is a good school for learning. I want to be a nurse and will my certificate be recognised in Nigeria. Thank you.

  29. Pls I JUST FINISHED my wasce this year 2015 ,my aim is to school at benin republic so how can i get the details or inquires

    1. Yes..Lcs is accredited, i school dre nd if u hv qustns abt deir school fees, u shud knw it increases evry session bt jx fr d new students. So, if u wana b part of Lcs, u wil b makin a gud choice

  30. plz Is HNAUB not one of the university in Benin?
    because it is not listed among the university in Benin talkless of top 10 .

  31. Pls, I hv been running d distance learning of wauu in cotonu Benin republic & I wasn’t pleased wit wot I read here abt d institution. Is it not accredited by Benin republic govt? Can d certificate be recognized by Nigeria govt too?

  32. Hi Admin, Please i need list of schools for post graduate studies in Computer science or related courses…Thanks

  33. pls my sis wants to study accounting,pls which university in benin offers this course and school fee indicated pls,God bless you.

  34. Kenny and faith ur course are in cotonou in any university in cotonou but y not try Espam Formation University it cheap as I know and that were am processing my admission also

  35. Pls i wish 2 kno about universite des sciences et management benin republic Ikorodu centre & weda it is approved & recognised by nigerian government.

  36. I want to apply for computer science in a school in Cotonou but i don’t no if i can get any school that is very cheap that i can go to and what is their fees?

    1. I skul in benin @ eco tes du benin we offered computer science bt add me on whtsapp @08176733892 so wE cAn talk better

  37. plz i wnt to study medicine in benin republic bt i dnt knw d school to apply n hw to apply.plz i need an english speaking skull cus i dnt understand french.plz reply me

  38. please who knows if microbiology course are in this university in republc of benin i really want to know please

    1. Helo, this is to respond to your question, itz easy to get d admission in to any school in cotonue what you just need iz ur result and wen u have it let me know. Thankz

  39. Please I want to study in any universities in Benin republic which one should I apply for and how much is the fees ?

  40. A student failed JAMB 5 tyms. 1 day, she travelled 2 visit her frnd in UNILORIN, she fell sick & was admitted to a hospital there. She later called her mum & said… GIRL: Hello ma MUM:Dat place is silent, where ar u? GIRL: I’m in UNILORIN MUM: Oluwa o se o GIRL: I was admitted MUM: Jesu o se o, Olorun ti doju ti ogun ile wa ti ko fe kio kawe (laughing & dancing) GIRL: Malaria ni MUM: Malaria ni course ti won fun e, course gidi ni o, kawe e daadaa o GIRL: I would b discharged 2moro MUM: Olorun ma je, 4 yrs lo ma lo loruko Jesu. Please don’t laff alone, send it to your friends and make their day Api

  41. Good day sir, which university can i get admitted with my NCE 2015 that is accredited or recognize by Nigerian Government

  42. greetings to you Admin.. Please i need an info about any standard university in benin repulic that offers Medicine/surgery or Med. Lab. And if the school gives direct entery to N.D graduates in related courses. And how much the tuition fee is/their requirements. 0816486! Thanks. Am waiting for ur reply.

  43. Admin pls i need ur reply on west africa union university at republic of benin is it acredited do dey go 4 NYSC @naija and their tuition fees 4 nursing. Is d admission processing still on as at these december if not when is their nex admission for 2015/2016 pls u ar my last hope “i try 2 called ur number it not going” #my email

    1. pls i want to know if west africa union universirty have license to run a program nd is it accredited by nuc pls need urgent reply

  44. Pls i want some information about hill-city is it acredited by NUC and their fees. I would love to study pharmacy hope they do it. Is the admission goin on?

  45. please i want to knw how posible it is to be admitted in a good school in benue rep…nd if yhu can help mhe process it all..cuz i have no dere or here who knws dier edu system..please i really need yhut help

  46. please admin I beg you with God’s name. what is the tuition fee for micro-biology nd bio-chemistry at hill City university? ??? I have checked everywhere. you’re my last hope… please reply! tnk u

  47. Atere tell your sister alternate to west african union university cotonou it is accredited by the president of benin,call me for more info

  48. Your Comment Here…please I want to study French language which school is it good ,I have NCE qualification for direct entry and i study english /french my contact:08078066582 thanks

  49. pls Admin, I need to know if Esae University is accredited and if its recognized by Nigerian government………
    thank u

  50. Your Comment Here…plz wanna knw d cheapest skul in cotonou ova dere nd pls d university must be accredited nd recongnize!tankz

  51. Pls is there any university in cotonue that bear exparm university,my sister want to relocate the benin republic and someone gave her the school name,pls how real is the school or do you have a very good alternative,its urgent please

  52. i want to know if i can get direct entry at hnaub in 2015/2016 admission. i have NCE in pure biology and integrated science and want to study microbiology. i am from Nigeria +8066828560 or pin 2abd6c64. in fact i need direct contact person from the school

  53. i want to if i get direct entry at hnaub in 2015/2016 admission. i have NCE in pure biology and integrated science and want to study microbiology. from nigeria +8066828560 or pin 2abd6c64

  54. Pls wen is hnaub admission for 2014 going to start and when is it closing? And is it recognise wordwide or it’s recognition is limited? Reply as fast as possible pls.

  55. Hello sir/ma, i would like to know more about the university HNAUB and the cost of Accounting Department. Thanks

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