Lamentation of Nigerian Students Studying in Northern Cyprus

Why Subverting Justice? Bring Them to Book!

In the recent years, travelling abroad has been a sort of comfort relish for Nigerians. This ranges from traveling for comfort to schooling and hustling. However, the exploration of greener pasture, particularly in the area of studies leads many Nigerian students over the borders of the country. Consequently, not all who travel for greener pasture return with better or quality success. It’s also annoying that some return full of emptiness, while some others never return. In clearer words, some countries like Northern Cyprus have been an unsafe place for blacks, especially Nigerians who are tremendously contributing the growth of their economy as a foreign student. Personally, I believe the fearlessness of this so-called Turkish and Cypriots, who are no different from the Arabians, are the result of our governments’ unruly and ill manners; they seize from prioritizing the interests and lives of her Citizens, which has caused the dignity, health, and lives of many Nigerians in the foreign land. I hope you see facts in the points listed, as we are together in this mess and disorderliness without deviation and exemption.

In 2013 it was gathered of how a 28 year old Nigerian, Stanley Eteimo died in a private beach at Girne, Northern Cyprus. The deceased was a singer, music producer, and a student of Management Information System in Girne American University, Kyrenia (GAU). According to friends of the Stanley – a Bayelsa State indigene, a white guy allegedly threatened to kill Stanley over hanging out with his girlfriend on that fateful day. By afternoon the next day, Thursday 8th of August, the management of Kratos Hotel called the police, conveying information of seeing a body floating by the shore of their private beach; it was Stanley Eteimo. However, it is so saddening of how the Cyprus police declared it a suicide case without autopsy. In other words, they approved he committed suicide by drowning himself. His brother who went to identify Stanley’s body said he saw blood stain from his ear, mouth and nose.

Hopefully, you feel racism is epidemic? Okay, what if I retort by telling you theirs’ (Turkish and Cypriot) is of degree. Anyway, I should prove my claim as we go on. In continuation, the police refused autopsy on the body of Stanley. Worst still, the hotel refused to provide the CCTV record of that particular day, with claims that cameras weren’t ON that day. Interestingly, this five star hotel where he died has life guards, security personnel, and hotel workers. From experience, I remember being rescued by life guards from a pool in a three star hotel in Nigeria; howbeit Stanley wasn’t rescued from a private pool in a five star hotel in North Cyprus?

With the memory of Stanley’s death still fresh in us, yet a more deteriorated incident happened, as a 20 year old Nigerian student, in the department electrical electronics engineering at Cyprus International University, Nicosia, Northern Cyprus (CIU) who fell into coma for weeks, but eventually died on the 7th of September 2013. Gabriel Soriwei was run over by a female driver who was allegedly drunk driving on that fateful day. It was collected that neither the family of the woman that ran Gabriel over, nor the authorities of Cyprus International University (CIU) found it essential to console with the family of Master Gabriel Soriwei; they have shown lack of interest by hiding the identity of the woman that killed the boy by a car, indicating that the Cyprus police insisted that it was their practice in North Cyprus to make certain that such culprit was protected from the family of the victim. Barbarically, they sent the boy’s corpse via same Turkish airline with which he came in February 2013 as a cargo for his family to clear. This is how inhumane and fearless humans can be. To whatever degree, drunk driving is serious offence that’s punishable by law.

More seriously, just about six months after the lifeless body of Stanley was found in a pool, another Nigerian student at Eastern Mediterranean University, Famagusta, Northern Cyprus. Precious Nightair Daniel has been found dead under the storey of his apartment off-campus. Although no prove, he was thought to have fallen from a height in his apartment, of which is not believed nor accepted by Nigerian residents of North Cyprus. According to eye-witnesses, Precious got missing on the 27th of January 2014, his close pals believe and swore he was killed and dumped under the basement of his apartment. However, Nigerians in North Cyprus has protested that his remains be subjected to autopsy, to ascertain the true cause of his death.

This is not the whole story, but painfully, Nigerians are jailed brutally, just after been barbarously maltreated; such as genital infliction and the likes. It’s more painful that the Nigerian embassy in Turkey, which also sees to the affairs of the Nigerian in Northern Cyprus, is not doing or giving the best in supplying necessary support and resources in bringing these culprits to book. These reoccurring unlawful killings has raised issues about the worth placed on the lives of Nigerians throughout the globe. However, I have come to realize there is no place to match home. Hence, I implore the President and Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and every people that matters to see the life of every Nigerian beyond the shores as valuable, other than leaving them to fate of brutality and shame; they should help bring these culprits and wicked mortals to book. I use to know Nigeria as the giant of Africa, but our pride and greatness has been soiled in negligence and corruption. We can get it done, if only we dare!

Written by MyeduNigeria Reporter

Studying Mass Comm in Northern Cyprus

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  1. Dis is uterly wickedness, the turkish government(cypriot) hate Nigeria. n in such a case i wil like 2 urge al my fellow nigeria especialy the under graduate in our universities never to apply for any scholarship 2 cypriot again.

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