IMAGE: Samsung Promise A Better Galaxy S6

Samsung S which has been one of the leading android smart phones in the market at the moment has promised the general public a better S6 coming this year, and also they gave us expectations on what to expect

It has been speculated that this new S6 will be coming out March 2015 and speculations were also made that as competition increased the Galaxy S’s stranglehold on the Android market has weakened leading company’s profit slipped by 27% last quarter, largely due to slumping Smartphone sales.

Due to this fall which pushed Samsung company to go back to the drawing table to re-strategize making them come to the conclusion that the Galaxy S6 is expected to be drastically different from the previous Galaxy S models.

We all know that Samsung hasn’t changed its flagship phone’s design much since the 2012 Galaxy S3, and its look has gotten a bit stale.

Below we listed the things which is expected to change in the new Samsung Galaxy S6

I know right now most of us reading this right now have already had an imagination on how the Galaxy S6 will be looking like and the shape it will be coming with but this time around it’s not really a size thing but a better design thing

As we all know nothing in life is constant except change, so Samsung has made a better change to the Galaxy S6

So check out the expected designs below and tell us what you think


This is what I call a SLEEK mobile

  1. Better design:Out with the plastic, in with the metal. The Galaxy S series has been bemoaned for its plastic shell, as most high-end Smartphone now opt for fancier, shinier, more durable metal exteriors.
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Samsung hears you. The company has taken up a new design principle called “Project Zero,” signifying a fresh start for the oft-criticized (but well-selling) Smartphone. A hint of what could be coming can be found in the well-regarded Galaxy A5, a metal version of the Galaxy S4.

But beyond the materials Samsung is likely to use, the phone is also expected to look more modern, including a super-thin bezel that makes the screen appear to go edge to edge.

  1. Better software.Samsung includes a lot of useless software in its phones, including unnecessary app stores and redundant voice controls. With the Galaxy S6, Samsung is expected to make a lot of its add-on software an optional download, freeing up your phone for the stuff that you actually want to use.
  2. Color variety … except for black.Dark blue, blue-green, gold and white are the rumored colors for the new Galaxy S6. Want a black phone? Get an iPhone
  3. Phone with an “Edge.”The invitation that Samsung sent has a conspicuous curve in it. Could it be the rumored Galaxy S Edge?

Samsung is expected to unveil a smaller version of its oddball Galaxy Note Edge, which features a small portion of curved glass that bends around the right side of the phone. That tiny curve on the Edge’s display functions as a second screen. It can display a list of apps, quick settings, notifications, weather and the time. It also serves as a stopwatch, timer, health tracker, Twitter feed and even a ruler.

If it’s anything like the Galaxy Note Edge, the Galaxy S Edge will be identical to the Galaxy S6 — except for the curved screen.

  1. Not the latest chip.During its latest quarterly financial report, chipmakerQualcomm (QCOM,Tech30) said its new, latest/greatest Snapdragon 810 chip has lost a major customer — widely believed to be Samsung.
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Galaxy S phones almost always feature the most powerful Smartphone processor on the market. But Qualcomm has had overheating issues with its 810 chip, and Samsung likely didn’t want to risk including it in its newest flagship phone.

What do you think about this?

Do you like or dislike?

Do you think the metallic body will make it expensive?

Whatever way you want to criticize or credit you can do that in the comment box


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