Effectiveness of extra Mural Lessons ( Study centres)

                 Are extra mural lessons Effective?

Are extra mural lessons/ tutorials effective? The answer is yes and No. It depends on the person involved. Be honest to yourself, are you learning more with the extra tutorials or you just attend because you want more time to hang out with your friends?

While preparing for my final exams in secondary school, I attended so many tutorials. Some of them helped, some were a waste of my time. My mathematics was horrible, but my Use of English Language and Literature was okay, yet I attended lessons for all the subjects I mentioned, different tutorials for JAMB and SSCE.

My mathematics tutorials probably saved me, my teacher was kind and understanding, by the time I wrote WAEC, I was a good math student. For literature and English, even though it was not useless, I attended majorly because I wanted to be with my friends.


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This led to severe stress for me since I spent all day attending classes/tutorials, get home to do chores, and assignments. There was no time to rest. Looking back now, I think I should have stopped either Literature or English tutorials and rest with the time instead, because I didn’t get better than I already was.

Tutorials are repetitions of what was taught in class, only this time it is a bit more personal and there more practice.

The decision here is yours; is the tutorial useful to you? Preparing for SSCE/JAMB exams can be very stressful. It would help if you make your life easier, drop tutorials that are not useful and focus. However, if they are all important, then you need to plan and manage your time effectively for those sitting for UTME exam, you can start by using one of the online CBT test or also download one our mobile apps.

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