{Opinion} ASUU strike: A Blessing or a Curse?

Yeah, I know. I sound crazy right? how the heck will a four months old ASUU strike turn out to be a blessing? no person in his/her right senses will ask such a question? These questions and more of its kind are flowing through your head right now.

But you see, the Asuu strike is a blessing in disguise, a blessing to you were too blind to notice, a blessing your heart was too bittered to accommodate, a blessing which only those who see with their hearts could notice. its so funny how four months had gone by like it was just yesterday.

Time was the precious of all resources you had in your arsenal, what exactly did you do through out this period? were you busy blaming ASUU for going on strike? were you busy blaming the Government for her inefficiencies to handle the problem on time? or you probably blamed your parents for not taking you to a  private school or better still send you outside of the country to study.

Even while in school, you complained of less practicals you carried out in school, this past four months is a whole lot of time to conduct these practicals all by yourself, thanks to text books, lecture notes, handouts and even the internet to guide you.

you see, now you remember when you complained of no working experiences outside your lecture hall, the past four months would have been  the perfect time to acquire one. what stopped you from serving as an office assistant or an errand boy in any organization you could learn some common practices regarding your curse of study with or without salary?

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it was  time to go out there to see what is real, a time for you to have gained experiences of the outside world aside from the four walls of your campus.

I can confidently tell you i made maximum use of my time during the striking period, i made money, i had more time to visit the library, i had more time to understand myself.

I had the opportunity to actually reflect on my life as a Nigerian youth, is my life going in the direction i want it? Is there any other thing i would have done differently to make a difference? in the next five years to come, how do i see myself? I’m i walking in the direction of my dreams?

All you did was to watch movies throughout, downloaded latest music, watch TV all day, sleep, wake up and eat. of course, the football freaks spent a  bunch of their valuable time discussing football.

Hope you were able to learn one or two lessons from this short write up, I beg you dear Nigerian students to be more productive and constructive with your time, see good things/opportunities from every thing happening around you. make maximum use of every time you’ve got so you can compete globally.

I believe in the Nigerian youth, i believe in the strength and creativity embedded in the blood of every Nigerian. you can make something happen, go make something happen!

how did you use your time during the striking period? what other productive things did you engage in? Did you use this period to your advantage?

let us know in the comment box below. you can as well share this article if you found helpful.

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