2014/2015 Matriculation

Greetings to all Myedunigeria viewers, we are using this medium to reach out to all the freshers (Newly admitted students) all over Nigeria that has taken part orwill be taking part in 2014/2015 Matriculation

If you are part of the people that has taken part in 2014/2015 Matriculation we are using this medium to say congratulation but if you are still going to take part we are still using the same medium to say congratulation in advance

Firstly matriculation is the formal process of entering a university, and during this period many things happen to students, some good while some are bad

Firstly we will start from the good ones

  1. Students meet new friends
  2. They are opportune to have a wonderful time with friends and family from a far distance
  3. They are addressed on the rules and regulation of the university
  4. Creates room to take memorable pictures with friends and family

But also the day of matriculation can be a dicey day, sometimes the hoodlums in the neighborhood will try to rub or extort from the freshers simply because they feel that they have not gotten to know their way around the university

And also the night of matriculation cultist always hang around to find out those class of freshers that keep late night by going to club or what they call freshers night and at the end they pick their prey and force them to join

NOTE: Never keep late night during your stay in the university because it is not a good way to groom yourself

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And also know the kind of friends you keep, always try and keep friends that have the same vision with you so when you try to fall out they pull you back because you and them only knows where you all are going to

Always know that your friends define you in a big way

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