The Causes of Texting While Driving

The Causes of Texting While Driving : Are you aware that fatal accidents caused by texting while driving have superseded the one caused by drunk drivers? In our society today, texting in the midst of driving has become an increasingly serious issue.

An annual statistic conducted by the National  Safety  Council indicate that texting while driving is responsible for about 2Million accidents and also the institute for Highway safety Fatality Facts added that about 20 teenagers die in road accidents daily which are caused by messaging during driving.

There are few but three major causes of texting while driving which includes Carelessness, social peer pressure and pluralistic ignorance (stupidity).

The first and most common cause of texting while driving is carelessness. Texting takes just moments but in that moment it could harm or take a life. Being in hurry contribute to texting while driving  on a highway and also limitation of communication which everyone want quick and short means of passing information to one another.

Sometimes due to individual daily jam packed scheduled which do not allow them take time to analysis their plans result to texting  while driving

Another cause of is social peer pressure which is common to teenagers across the globe. Most teenagers find it fun texting , chatting in the midst of  driving with their friends  in the name of keeping in touch. America Automobile Association A.K.A ( AAA) revealed that about 50% of teenager text while driving  and 50% talk on their cell phone.

Sometimes the need for an instantaneous communication  also cause drivers to respond to text or even calls which lead to serious accidents.

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Pluralistic ignorance of people about driving multitasking inability cause texting while driving, Stupidity also which is a state of being foolish or condition of being stupid also contribute to this deadly act.

Many drivers today engage in this bad practice without contemplating  about the  potential detrimental effects and danger of their actions which turns out to cause harm and accidents.  Our ego to learn from others experience and succidalness make drivers to text while driving.

Finally, Carelessness, social peer pressure and pluralistic ignorance are the three major causes of texting while driving but if a standard law with painful penalty are to be established, this will help to reduce the daily percentage of accidents cause by texting while driving in out society today.

Knowing the ultimate expensive of an accident, National monitoring team like  Highway safety Fatality Facts should be empowered to monitor the activities of drivers on the road if the above suggestion are been neglected, the percentage of accident caused by this bad practice will not be bearable in the nearest future consideration the invention of instant Messenger like Skype, Whatsapp etc.


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