Are you looking for JAMB 2015 Expo ? , Must Read

Let me start by asking you the Main reason why you need JAMB 2015 Expo ?. are you aware that some of your colleagues got 400/400 in the last UTME 2014 examination.  if you are not aware of what CBT examination means, let me explain it Wella(lol) for you.Kindly note that the Jamb testing system has changed.

CBT = Computer based test.

Meaning that you will be timed for the test, failure to submit your paper on time will result to zero over 400 and your medicine, engineering, dream will be another race to start possible next year but that is not our prayer.

If you are planning to use Study centre for your 2014 UTME examination. Be warned !!!!!!. 🙄  :mrgreen:  They will collect your money but quote me, they will disappoint you because the new technology will not allow you to use them:

MAJOR Reason why EXPO users are likely to Fail their JAMB 2015:

Just reason with me for a seconds, Where do you think the sender will get the questions ? are you aware that  you must answer all the questions before seeing the last questions for each subject. which means, your sender will have to scan through all the  questions before sending .(TIME going).

Last Year: Many students failed UTME examination because their sender just formed ABCD from 1 to 50 for each subject and send to them,

some scammers online and hoodlums will collect your money only to wicked you and make your admission processing miserable.

ONLY WAY OUT:Say No to exam Mal-practice

Common Guys, believe in yourself.

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Believe and be proud of yourself.

Be happy to fail JAMB and try again ,( Which will not happen anyway).

You can do it , without the help of RUNS sender, just get the tools needed for JAMB examination.

if you want to pass the utme 2015 with flying colors : Visit the link below:

Top Tools Every JAMB Candidate Needs To Know


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