2015 UTME CBT exam : 3 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Believe me, Sometimes the major reason why some students end up scoring 100 over 400 in jamb examination is not as a result of dull brain or un-seriousness but alots of factors due contribute in their failure .

#1:Student Information:

The number one common mistake  i want to point out here is Student Information, The first thing you should do immediately you invigilator hand over the jamb paper sheet is to write your Full name and Jamb reg Number. Some students due to fear and over confident sometime forget to write their reg number and at the end, They will end up messing around and crying that jamb is wicked.

Paper Type:

Remember to Shade or write down the paper type you are answering , The idea about paper type is to enable Jamb marking machine to select the write Objective answer for your questions, For instance, if you Use of English Paper type is A and your shade paper type C instead of A, During the marking, Jamb will use the Paper type A to award you marks, which means automatic failure.

Shading Question you do not know the Answer:

Let me remind you that the marking scheme of Jamb is not the same with Waec or with you secondary school grading system.For every question you fail in Jamb, a certain percentage is been remove from your normal score. The point i am trying to pass across here is that, Kindly leave any Question you do not know it,s correct answer empty than to enter a wrong answer. There is no Random selection in Jamb examination. Leave any one you don,t know the answer for your Good.

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How to write Jamb using Computer

Funny enough, the truth of the matter is this, before you can think of writing your jamb with Computer you have to be a  Computer literate at least know how to use some computer functions.

1: Login to the system with the login details which jamb will provide.

2: Start answering your question

3: Check if your Jamb reg number matches the one on the computer

4: Make sure you tick the subjects your answer accordingly.


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  1. Thank u for guiding us on jamb. I ll try as much as posible to score over 300 marks and may GOD accept my efort. Amin

  2. Pls sir i had a E8 in physics and B3 in mathematics and C6 in chemistry and C5 in english,pls with this result can i study electrical engineering in Nda,kaduna.

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