The Importance of JAMB Syllabus

Do you know that the Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) always recommend that applicants should take their time to always go trough the JAMB Syllabus. I strongly believe that why most applicants do fail the Joint Admission Matriculation Board yearly exams is because they do not take their time to go through the JAMB Syllabus which is vice versa for those that read through the JAMB Syllabus.

After going through some of Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) result record over the years, MyEdu team had to take the most interesting question to applicants (Youths) in the street by asking them “Do You Ever Go Through JAMB Syllabus Before Sitting For The Exams”, majority of their replies were up to “40% who said Yes” and “60% Said No”.

For the youths that said “No”, they left us with a reason “That the Syllabus is not Complete”, we were astonished and confused because this was the first time hearing that complain that JAMB Syllabus is not Complete, Not well arranged, but come to think of it, JAMB tried to make everything easy for you by providing you the syllabus, I still see no reason why all these fake excuses.

Going through JAMB Syllabus will give you a proper insight of what you will be answering during the day of the exam, it will also give you a full grasp of what is expected to be set for you. Do you also know that the JAMB Syllabus also outline the important topics you are expected to read and also an objectives to guide your knowledge for the exams.

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I will fully recommend all applicants that applied and that are also yet to apply for JAMB that they should try as much as possible to always go through JAMB Syllabus but the road to success and victory is proper and perfect preparation.

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