How to share your latop internet as wifi hotspot

Have you ever wished to share your internet connection from your laptop to other devices through WiFi?

This technique/feature is very popular in many android phones and blackberry phones today, most times you see Samsung users sharing their mobile data to other devices like laptops, other phones, tablets and even televisions all at the same time via WiFi connection.

Then one will wonder if you can share your internet connection from your laptop/PC via WiFi for other devices to connect? The answer is Yes! and there are a number of ways to achieve this but we will teach you the easiest method, all you need is basic computer knowledge to be able to do it, in fact if you can do it your phone you can aslo do it on pc.

Follow the steps below to share your laptop internet as WiFi hotspot

1. You will need a software “Virtual WiFi” to set it up Download Here

2. Install and run the software

3. Specify your WiFi name and input your password

4. Change Share Net settings to share your internet with other devices.

5. Enter Maximum peers (maximum no of devices that can connect)

6. Click the “Start” Button

And boom other devices can now connect to your WiFi and share your internet with you.

If you encounter any problem to be scared to use the comment box.

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