How to get PVC Permanent Voter Card

This post is for those who wish to get the PVC Permanent Nigerian Voter Card but are confused on how to go about it or don’t know the right to follow to get the card.

1. To get the PVC Permanent Voter Card we believe you either have the old (temporal Voter card) one or you don’t if you have the old is very easy to get PVC, Visit the INEC office in the local government that you got the temporal one from and present the temporal to them.

2. To get a fresh one you need to visit any INEC office in your Local Government and register. The PVC distribution will take place at designated venues between the hours of 8.00am to 4.00pm for the specified period.


A person is eligible to collect PVC if he/she:-

(a) has registered before

(b) is in the register of voters displayed.

(c) has a temporary voter card (TVC)

(d) has lost his/her TVC but his/her identity can be confirmed.

(e) Is physically present at the collection centre. There shall be no collection of PVC
by proxy

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