Grades & Competition – Competition for good grades

In the world today, competition abounds in various social places. Out of these competitions, the most intense exists in schools; students compete for popularity, class, spots on sport teams, and most of all academic grades, which has been a major source of anxiety among youths; students in colleges and universities.

This is because, grade motivates mental attitude for future study. Secondly, it serves to give our folks some ideas of how we’re doing in school; for better or worse. However, grade in this context simply means a level of ability or rank that one has acquired or achieved while competition simply means working towards or trying hard. Competition for good academic grade has some serious problems, but can be solved with the right steps.

Competition for good grades has an unhealthy influence on students. Firstly, it causes worry and emotional trauma or stress, which of course isn’t good for a student’s health. Although, stress related problems among students are often caused by monetary worries and emotional demands of leaving home, but the most intense is caused by having to cope between the university and school works, such as exams, quizzes, and having to work independently.

If these problems cluster on a student, he or she might need a psychologist. Secondly, it has devastating effect on the physical body.

This kind of problem has relations with our genes though. It is often caused by poor diet or inadequate rest. For example, students who work hard to earn a good grade usually deprive themselves of good rest or sleep overnight. Some consume caffeine infested coffee overly, just to stay awake, of which is detrimental to one’s health if not reduced. Some others skip their launch or breakfast for sake of lectures and studying. Finally, it results in examination malpractices, which is a punishable offence in all institutions. Although, this is common among unserious and lazy students, but some serious ones practice this too. However, examination malpractices may lead to suspension or expulsion if caught; causing parents discouragements.

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There are tested ways to solve these problems. To start with, students should choose friends wisely. Some kind of friends help with easing us of financial constraints, while some others assists with solving cognitive problems; such as home-works and research tasks.

However, good and appropriate friends are generally a sort of peace of mind. Another way to solve this problem is taking proper foods and rest adequately before and after study. Consequently, psychologist established the fact that “students who study all night prior to an examination day, are prone to forgetting what they have studied during an exam.”

This is because, they didn’t allow the brain to process and digest information from study or book read by a process called memory consolidation and processing. Most importantly, adequate food helps keep body and soul together; while a good sleep improve memory and learning. Lastly, students should take responsibility for quality learning. Most of us, from having a quiet place such as a bedroom, kitchen, or library, facts begin to mean things to us. More so, they should review their study routine.

This can be achieved by glancing through the original course material; making up questions based on topic sentences; looking for answers to these questions; reciting to yourself what you have read offhand. These helps keep the mind focused, and facts begin to mean things to you.

In conclusion, by applying these methods, it is possible to solve the problem of fierce competition for good grades among. But it is essential for students to be determined. However, laziness is often the main reason for low grades and examination malpractices. Students should take responsibility for quality learning. More so, if they overlook this problem, they’ll risk losing their subconscious mind to great mental hardship.

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