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This is to inform the General public that there is a job opening going on now at UNICEF NIGERIA

Job Title: Chief of Operations
Position#: 00020079
Vacancy No: E-VN-2012-002117
Duration: 10 days spread over three months
Duty Station: Abuja, Nigeria
Organisations: United Nations Children’s Fund – UNICEF Nigeria

Region: WCARO
Job Level: P-5
Contract Type: Long-term Staff (FT)

Purpose of the Position:
• As the head of operations of a large-sized office or area office, you will be accountable for management of cost effective, efficient and secure operations, in support of management, administration and implementation of the country programmes, consistent with operations of all other country offices in the Region in accordance with strategy, plans and decisions made by Regional Management Team and Country Programme Management Teams.
• Coordinate collaboration with all other UN agencies to accelerate implementation of the Harmonized Business practices initiatives in line within Reform/coherence
• Provide leadership and guidance in operations to a gender-balanced, multidisciplinary team of professionals to identify and correct gender balances.

Key Expected Results:
1. Effective operations of financial, human resource and administrative management
• Manages and ensures the effective, equitable and efficient operations of the office’s finance, human resource and administrative systems to support and facilitate the attainment of programmatic goals and objectives by meeting changing operational requirements.
• Ensures effective operations that promote gender sensitivity and gender parity. Advises management and assists in establishing new offices.

2. Policy interpretation and application
• As technical professional and senior manager, provides accurate and social policy interpretation and organizational policies and procedures in the management of finance and administrative functions through the provision of technical leadership and operational guidance to the country office.
• Contributes to global and regional strategic planning and policy changes/formulation on operational matters as necessary; Provides technical input to contribute to the establishment of operational guidelines in close coordination with the head of office, the Regional Operations Officer and DFAM.
• Implements the effective communication, training, roll-out, monitoring and evaluation of new operational initiatives, guidelines and procedures. (Include aspects required to achieve UNICEF’s objective for gender parity.)

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3. Fiduciary integrity/responsibility for funds and assets
• Safeguards the financial resources entrusted to the office by advising on and/or managing financial assets, financial planning and cash management activities and by recommending improvements to the financial and administrative management systems and procedures. Accountable for fiduciary integrity/responsibility for funds and assets taking decision on all operational and financial transactions, disbursement of funds, and administrative arrangements.
• Ensure efficient, cost-effective and transparent utilization of resources through knowledge and technologytransfer between offices and consistency of approaches. Negotiate cost effective contractual arrangements with service providers as well as with implementing partners as required

4. Leadership in strategic planning and policy formulation in the areas of operations
• Plays a leadership role in strategic planning and decision-making within the UNICEF Operations. Take initiative in development of improved management systems. Provides sound professional input and oversight to the development, reform and change of financial, human resource and administrative policies, systems and procedures that secure the highest standard of efficiency and competence in staff.
• Participates in global and regional strategic planning and policy changes, including formulation on operational matters; provides authoritative advice from technical, operational and administrative perspectives to contribute to the improvement and establishment of operational guidelines, including those that strengthen gender policy in programming and staff gender parity. Negotiate cost effective contractual arrangements with service providers as well as with implementing partners.
• Working closely with Head of Sections explore possibility to enter agreement- in line with UNICEF policies – with private sectors/corporate entities in order to access innovative technology, to benefit the country programme against reasonable costs or under special arrangements in the framework of Social corporate responsibility(CSR).
• Participates in effective management process by providing technical advice and support to corporate committees (including PBR, RMTs, CMT, JCC, CRC, PSB, etc.).

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5. Office Services
• Ensures the provision of basic offices services including space management, equipment, communications and security to enhance staff safety and productivity.
• Under the auspices of the Inter-Agency Operations Management Team, supports approaches for enhancing UN common services to attain efficiencies and effectiveness.
• Play and role in the UN Operation management group, coordinating with peers of other UN agencies, base on the agenda agreed with the UNCT , to plan and implement the Harmonized Business practices initiatives in line within Reform/coherence, including in the areas of Harmonized Cash transfer ( HACT), common services, common premises.

Application Close: 18-Jan-13.

Application Hint: Sort the available position by country and look for Nigeria.

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