Job interview tips for fresh Graduates in Nigeria

Well , please don,t get me wrong for using five email accounts. Yes , you heard me right but each of them play some  vital role in my career as a young student. The reason for this article is to make some things clear to all fresh graduates that do not remember to adjust their life style as a student after university life.

One man once told me that university is another world entirely that after graduation/Nysc . Fresh graduates suppose at-least stay at home for like five good months before thinking of what  to do next but not applicable to all students in some cases.

The reason for staying at home is not just for sleeping sake but to put things together and adjust some campus life in other to fit in .

Now, without wasting your previous time, i am going to use an email address as a case study here . was my first email address. what a nice nickname or rather a nice address but  the fact still remain that was  only for social networking accounts.

Now, lets say my real name is Okeke Donatus. i just finished my Nysc stuff this year and now searching for a cool  job to keep body and soul together.  After submitting about 10 job applications online using an email address ( only 2 nigerian companies replied me.

The next thing for me to say is that NO JOB in Nigeria. but today i noticed that MyeduNigeria have published about five companies recruiting including banking jobs.

The biggest mistake that fresh graduates make during online job application is using their old school or Nickname as an email Address to apply for a job. Automatically that shows that you are not responsible... The fact is that you are not seeing the person that will check your application face to face.

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The only possible way to show that you are a good applicant and responsible is to use every medium you have which includes , your expression and profile.

Check out the below data:

Read Name       Email Address

  1. Ani Okeke   
  2. Jude Nwankwo
  3. Sainco Agbo
  4. Miracle Eze

Now, If four of them apply for a job, the possibility of all getting the job is 1/4 because it is only Ani Okeke showed some  manner by using her real name for an email address while others used their nickname and co.
Imagine (
Do you want a manager of NNPC to employ you and after a month , you will start chasing some staff or even her daughter.

Well the only message i am trying to pass across here is for our fresh graduates to stop using their nickname email address when applying for any online job to avoid bouncing back your application instead open a new email address with your full name. incase you have being using nickname.

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